Wisdom, the Gateway to Real Success

By Adebisi Adeyemi

‘Wisdom is the principal thing. In all your getting, get wisdom and with it get understanding.’  Proverbs 4:7.

Wisdom is highly extolled in the bible.
Indeed the book of Proverbs addresses it extensively.

Though King Solomon also explores other subjects, but he emphasizes the centrality of wisdom to enduring success and peace in this turbulent world.

Check out Proverbs 1:7. ‘The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.’

This assertion is repeated in Proverbs 9:10, to show the significance of this moral code.
This verse also unveils the seven pillars of wisdom.

These awesome principles are meant to guide one to operate in discretion and godliness.

With the current craze for materialism and pleasure across the world, much premium is placed on emotional and social intelligence, as opposed to intellectual quotient and spiritual tenets.

The path to effective management of self-awareness is rooted in deliberate exhibition of self-control, despite provocations and hostilities in private and public settings.

How can one become wise and indeed wiser? These are major issues that agitate the minds of seekers of those who really aspire to be discrete.

Do not lose your cool. It starts with a desire to be wise. This may seem difficult and unachievable. Beloved brethren it is easy and attainable.

It may take a while, but with discipline and prayers one can sure surely progress in wisdom.

The grace of God is always available for the child of God to continue to grow and mature in every aspect of godly living.

From experience, this venture will also entail intentionally seeking to listen to good and godly counsel.

Furthermore, walking with wise people is highly recommended in the quest for this golden virtue.

Importantly too, fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit is crucial in activating this gift.

The Spirit of God knows best, how to calm every storm and give you victory as you walk circumspectly.

Ultimately, the divine wisdom the believer to remain at peace while responding to life’s bombardment.

As always this attribute, so epitomized by Jesus Christ, works well with love.

Therefore wisdom will easily propel you to love and support others better.

The ultimate aim of every believer and follower of Jesus Christ is to mature and operate from vantage position of wisdom.

Beloved brethren, wisdom is a sacred gift that should be coveted and fully embraced.

This supernatural endowment is part of the glorious treasures, powerfully packaged by Father God to help his children, in this earthly pilgrimage.

As fellow soujourners, in a world filled with filth and fear, be encouraged to humbly and prayerfully appropriate the gift of wisdom today by faith.

Thanks for your fellowship and God bless you for your time.

Be rest assured that your audacious commitment to God and his kingdom service will be greatly rewarded, not only here but hereafter. Remain blessed.


Guide me, great Jehovah, a pilgrim, through this barren land. I acknowledge that l am weak but you are mighty. Hold me with your powerful hands of wisdom as l journey through life. Amen.

Evangelist Adeyemi is a minister of the gospel and a notable family counsellor.

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