The Sovereignty of God amidst life’s challenges


The sovereignty of God Almighty is a strong armour for all believers in Jesus Christ, the son of God.

I am therefore delighted to urge you to meditate on this powerful statement about God’s great power.

Neither satan, sickness nor sinful man is sovereign.

Only God is sovereign!  

The proclamation of God’s sovereignty, is very profound and important to the faith of believers, especially in times of trials and temptations.

With the humongous toll of the current global health pandemic and political turmoil, many people including believers are really struggling.

Fear, anxiety, job insecurity, financial crises and other phenomenal challenges are pushing many to the brink and fringes of life.

Are you facing some intractable difficulties right now, as an individual, a family, a church or a society.

The message today, is meant to encourage you. Despite the twists and turns of this life, including all of satan’s arsenals and hell’s forces, God is still on the throne. He is still ruling and reigning over the affairs of men.

The devil remains a defeated foe. So cheer up and continue to rejoice until, victory manifests, according to the good promises of our heavenly father in the bible.

My beloved brethren and co-pilgrims on this earthly sphere, my prayer and plea for you is this: ‘Please do not be discouraged. Brace up for the victory was won by our Lord Jesus, on Calvary’s cross 2,000 years ago.’

Stand on this irrefutable and historic triumph. Continue to cast your care on the Lord as recorded in 1Peter 5: 7.

God is sovereign. He remains eternally so. No one can contest or revert his pre-eminence.

May these divinely-inspired words encourage you to keep your eyes on God and our Lord Jesus Christ, who died to give us his peace and hope of eternal life.

Remain blest in Christ.

Adeyemi is a US- based gospel minister and certified family counsellor.

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