The hunt for true leaders

Society is in dire need of good leaders.

Most nations are grappling with crises and turmoil, because of leadership challenges.

History has shown that bad governance is a key factor for failed states and economic woes.

At personal levels, wrong choices often lead to negative outcomes, which can aggregate to broken families and bruised relationships.

The escalation of insecurity and criminalities in Nigeria and other distressed countries, are traceable to dearth of visionaries.

Throughout the ages, a few icons have bestrode the global terrain. However, as mortals with intrinsic weaknesses, some of them were flawed by their own ‘hubris.’

Despite the sterling performances of some global icons, the world has not had the privilege of being led by a teeming number of persons with impeccable character and integrity.

Nevertheless many in Christendom and outside the fold, often uphold Jesus, as the epitome of  good and godly leadership.

Millions of people, worldwide can look to Jesus for hope, particularly at this time of COVID-19 pandemic and its universal chaos.

Clearly, Jesus is remarkably different from all earthly kings and queens, hence it seems tedious and puerile to compare them.

However his glowing attributes and lifestyle, remain a reference point, when it comes to standards in administrative style.

As a good shepherd, he lived and died for a people, who he loved and led.

Known to his followers as the messiah, he was born in a lowly manger, among sheep sheaves, yet rose to glory.

By his humble approach, he gave the world an undeniable template for service, which should be the motivating factor to occupy a high office.

Indeed judging by the teeming numbers that besieged his outings, Jesus was a classical model.

During his earthly sojourn,  mammoth crowds followed him, seeking succour, hope, peace, and healing and all he embodied. Some also sought food and drink. He gave all. This is quite unlike what is obtainable in society today.

They promise all and deliver nothing. They take all and give nothing. They eat, until bulge with fat,  while their famished followers, live and die hungry.

With the growing penchant for authoritarianism, even in so called democratic countries, many tyrannical and dictatorial administration are springing rapidly across the world.

These power-grabbers, desperate for   global dominance, are certainly inimical to the yearnings of humanity, as epitomized by Jesus.

Even people of other religions acknowledge that Christ was a unique and exemplary shepherd.

He is widely acclaimed as a true legend, whose place in history and hearts of his devotees.

Reflecting on his words, will no doubt stimulate more demand for the emergence of true leaders across the world.

‘I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep ‘I lay down My life for the sheep.’

‘Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’

‘For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.’

Kindly note that this serial treatise, continues next week, with another exciting discourse on notable leaders, who have made significant impact in society, especially in governance, academia, science, manufacturing, business and philanthropy.

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