By Iheanyi Uhuegbu

Today’s sermon is  entitled: Let your light shine before men(Matt: 5v16)

Light is the delight of virtually every one.

No one really hates light. However those that work in the dark don’t truly like it.

However if such individuals are guided rightly, they will abandon darkness and embrace the light.

Most of the people in the dark are helpless. The enemy has taken them hostage. They need something superior force to come out. When God created the world, it was without form and void with darkness hovering over it. God spoke light into the world (Gen: 1 v 2-3). Light defeats darkness, it’s its antidote.

Jesus christ, seeing the darkness in the world as demonstrated in the sin committed, commanded His followers by extension I and you to conquer the darkness in the world with our light.

The bible says in John: 1 v 4 that life was in Jesus Christ, and that life was the light of men. In verse 5 it captures that light shines into darkness, but darkness can not over power it.

Our Lord Jesus reconciled us to God so that we can reconcile others to Him. It’s a partnership that works. But how can you reconcile people to God when you’re in the dark? You have to be light yourself. When you’re light, you have to shine. That’s what light is created to do, shine.

You may wonder how you can shine. Live an honest life. Speak good of people. Stand on the truth always and not when it’s conducive to you.

Let people know where you’re standing on and what you believe in. Give people hope always. Don’t join others in doing evil. Share your resources with others. Let the words that proceed from your mouth be pleasant and edifying.

In the midst of challenges, be calm and trust God. You’re being watched by those in the dark. Your actions at any given time will either shine the light for them to follow or cast a heavy darkness that can plunge them deeper into darkness.

Your life ( actions and inactions) might be the only gospel of God some people might hear and see. They may be the only contact some people may have with the bible. Have you noticed that when people walk in thick darkness, as soon as they see little light ahead, it gives them high hopes?

So also your life lived in the light can point the way to Christ for many people. *Don’t take your salvation for granted. Apologise where/when you’re wrong.

Don’t play God but display the true glory of God in all that you do. The Word of life for you today: Shine your light before men, don’t put it off or hide it under a bushel.

Have a Christful week ahead.

From Ifeanyi Uhuegbu, a follower of Jesus christ.

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