Shine your light

Shine your light

Adeze Ojukwu

Light is a word that is generously used in the bible to mean illumination, way, wisdom and life.

Jesus is described as the light of the world, not just believers.

Light comes and darkness comprehendeth it not.

Without light, life is virtually meaningless.

What does it mean, then to live in the light or shine your light.

It implies that you carry a light that needs to be turned on.

Believers are severally enjoined to live a life of righteousness, which means your ways are transparent and can stand, despite the challenges of life, trials, temptations and tribulations.

Brethren may the Holy Spirit continue to grant us all the grace to live and continue to walk in the light.

Sometimes it seems difficult, because of Satan and his arsenals, but God is able to keep and sustain his children, by his love and mercy.


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