See faces of distinguished alumni of the prestigious US Government Exchanges Programs in Nigeria

Adeze Ojukwu
For about 60 years, thousands of eminent Nigerian professionals, academics and entrepreneurs have benefitted from fellowships, scholarships and leadership trainings, under the aegis of the United States Government Exchanges Programs.
 See below a special publication of a photo gallery of some  beneficiaries, as published in the United States Government Exchanges Alumni Association (USGEAA) Alumni Newsletter.

.Ojukwu is a Fellow of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship, publisher, editor and advocate for best global practices in education, health and socio-economic services for all people, as captured by the 2030 United Nations(UN) Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in Nigeria and all vulnerable nations.

She published this treatise, in honour of the US Government for their magnanimity and commitments to global education and development.

This photo gallery, is also a tribute to generations of young people, scholars, scientists, frontline workers, educators, entrepreneurs and experts, who are passionate about raising a new generation of young and highly educated leaders across the world.

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