Questions for Dr Ngige and his principal

Adeze Ojukwu

The Honourable Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige was rightly quoted in the story, published by a Nigerian national newspaper, lamenting ‘that some states in the country were paying Egyptian, Cuban and Pakistani doctors five times higher than what they pay their Nigerian counterparts.’

Why is the president patronising foreign doctors?

Is the president not paying his London doctors higher than their Nigerian counterparts?

Why has FG failed to build modern hospitals, that are befitting for the president and the ordinary masses?

The welfare of doctors, and indeed ordinary citizens, majority of who subsist on less than one dollar, is not only unjust but immoral.

Clearly, the crises in the nation’s health and economic sectors is a gross display of the colossal failure of the current administration.

This flagrant injustice, will no doubt, be a veritable case study for the future.

The plight of Nigerians is a global burden. Stakeholders and humanitarian agencies are worried about the decline and dearth of basic amenities, particularly in poor communities.

Facts don’t lie. A cursory check of the latest national and international demographic reports for Nigeria, since the advent of this regime, is revelatory.

Undoubtedly, the living standards of average Nigerians are appalling and horrendous. Hence the life expectancy remains frightening, representing one of the worst worldwide.

Citizens are living on the precipice and the hardship is getting worse by the day.

A change is inevitable. Truly, Nigerians deserve this change.

However, only the citizens can resolve to make this change happen. Let this change begin now. This is the clarion call of most citizens.

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