Introducing: Development Trends Magazine

Development Trends Magazine is a brand new publication with special spotlight on critical issues about human health and environmental conservation.
The full-colour novel premium manual for top-notch news and analysis, is a self-funded project, being executed to accelerate the implementation of SDGs in Nigeria and other vulnerable societies.
It parades well-written and profound articles on crucial national and international concerns, ranging from health, environment, agriculture, education, women to youth empowerment.
The 12-paged magazine is targetted at accomplished professionals such as yourself, including researchers and experts in the field of academia,  health, environment, agriculture, as well as the media, women and youth empowerment.
 The PDF-formatted ace production, can be received free by subscription and featured in academic, social and business platforms, as well as select institutions, campuses and educational platforms.
This new compendium can be received by subscription and also online at
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