‘I need a house,’ physically challenged lady cries out to Lagos State, Amuwon Odofin LGA

Adeze Ojukwu

Lagos-based physically challenged lady, Shola Azeez Akinnbodun has appealed to Lagos State, Amuwon Odofin LGA, as well as philanthropists to provide accommodation and shop for her. 

Shola, recounted her woes, recently, during a surprise interaction at the Pentecost Anglican Church, Lagos West Diocese, FESTAC Town, Lagos.

Meeting Mrs Azeez, again after over a decade, was both delightful and nostalgic. Her story is compelling and complex.
Despite her inability to use her lower limbs, Shola has a charming and amiable disposition.

I first met this beautiful lady, about 15 years ago, at the Church premises.

 The differently-abled lady was an active chorister in the church choir, irrespective of her harsh circumstances, as a Person living with Disability(PLWD).

She exhibited a stoic determination to live, but her life remained precarious and pathetic.

However, she needed serious financial help and special care, in order to become economical independent.

Gratuitously, as a senior Features writer, I interviewed and published her story in Champion Newspaper Ltd.

This special publication marked a turning point for this young woman.

The full-page interview, caught the attention of the Fountain of Hope Society of the church and other philanthropists.

They offered her vocational training in fashion designing and also bought a shop for her in 23 Road Market Road, FESTAC Town. Shola’s testimony is really amazing. Today she is married with two beautiful daughters.

However, things took a down-turn again, as her shop was recently, destroyed when the market complex was demolished. To add to her woes, early this year, she lost her mother, who used to assist her in running her business and taking care of her kids.

Life is certainly harsh for most Nigerians, but generally worse for Shola and millions of  Persons Living with Disabilties(PLWDs).

Clearly her adversity is quite saddening, considering the fact that she is really the breadwinner in the home. Presently, eeking out a living, is a herculean task for her again.

‘My biggest challenge now is to get  a house and shop, as well funds to feed my family and pay for our children’s school. I also need money to start my tailoring business again,’ she stressed.

She is therefore appealing to Lagos State Government, Amuwon Odofin Local Government Area(LGA), as well as kind-hearted individuals and organizations to come to her aid.

Indeed Shola needs urgent help to save her from her current travails, suffering and  impoverishment.

Shola can be reached on this no:

0806 893 3548

.Ojukwu wrote and published this story, as part of humanitarian services and support for Persons With Disability(PWDS) across society. Kindly azz send feedback to [email protected]

Mrs Shola Azeez and her kids during the interview, with the editorial team of www.devcomradar.org

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