Growing demand for authors, book reviewers

Adeze Ojukwu

The huge demand for information has created a plethora of opportunities for authors and book reviewers.

Coronavirus and its socio-economic consequences have also contributed significantly to the new revolution in the publishing industry.

According to experts, the new trend requires more professionals in order to boost standards in the industry.

The social media is inundated with requests for tutorials and tutors in the field of publishing, media, advertising and digital marketing services.

 In response to the new demand for experts in the media and marketing sphere, a robust and innovative initiative on book reviews, mobile book shop and virtual book fairs, was launched by  Mrs Adeze Ojukwu, a Hubert Humphrey Fellow,  veteran journalist and publisher of www.devcomradar.org and Development Trends Magazine on the new trend.

Find below an official  statement released about the novel Book Bonanza, tagged: Hunt for experts to review your books!!!

Do you need an expert to review your book? If your answer is yes, then read on. Here is an opportunity for you.

To start with, book reviews are excellent ways to get professional opinions about your books.
A good book review will gain you a much bigger readership and earn you a much higher income.

Expert editors, publishers and grammarians, under the aegis of Coalition of Development Advocates and Health Journalists are offering excellent book review services at discounted prices.
These special reviews and book fairs include the following focal areas:
• Media reports
• Media advertisements
• Educational books
• Inspirational books
• Religious books
• Magazines
• Journals
• Poems
• Fictions
• Plays
• Anthologies
• Scientific reports
• Artworks
• Graphic designs
• Book publishing

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