Covid-19 stops with me

An organic behavioral change campaign to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria

The problem

Widespread poor compliance to COVID-19 preventive measures is contributing to the exponential spread of the virus.

How it affects you!

With increasing number of cases as a result of community level transmission, your risks of infection are higher than they were yesterday and may be much higher tomorrow!


 It’s in your hands to stop COVID-19 and the best time is NOW!

Individuals and corporates have a role. Together, we can take control of our collective destiny and the sooner the better so that we all can get our lives back to normal.

What you & organization can do!

Join tons of other Nigerians and celebrities to take the #COVID19StopswithMe challenge!

Share this one-pager with your staff and encourage them to join the challenge!

Collect photos and videos from your activity beneficiaries who are self-motivated to practice preventive behaviors but may not have smart phones or access to the internet or social media

It is as SIMPLE as a short video or photo!

More Action

Ask a friend, colleague, or roommate to record a 2-minute video of you while carrying out an activity that you do often – e.g. shopping, taking deliveries, taking a walk, reading or doing your job. If you are a DIY crooner or selfie pro, you can do a selfie OR self-recorded 2-minute video.

  • Make sure you highlight the precautions you take to prevent or avoid the spread of COVID-19 while carrying out that activity – e.g. wearing face mask, keeping a safe distance from others, washing hands often, wiping down surfaces etc.

If a video, add some “pepper-them” spice” or personal touch to keep it interesting. If picture, SWAG it up!

  • Post video or photo on personal social media accounts – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat etc.

MAKE SURE to add the hashtag #COVID19StopswithMe to your video or photo post

When you post your video, tag three friends and challenge them to submit their video/photo in 24 hours

THEN… sit back and watch your video or photo go VIRAL

Post them on your organization/activity social media accounts.

  • Do not forget to add the #COVID19StopswithMe

We trust you and your organization to JOIN the challenge to STOP COVID-19 on its tracks TODAY!

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