COVID-19 death toll over 2m globally

Adeze Ojukwu

United Nations(UN) on Friday announced that over two million people have died globally from COVID-19, and warned against disparities in the distribution of vaccines.

In a video statement, UN Secretary-General Dr. António Guterres said ‘the absence of a global coordinated effort has worsened the pandemic’s deadly impact.’

Dr. Guterres appealed to ‘countries to work together and help each other to end the pandemic and save lives, with more than two million lives lost worldwide to COVID-19.’

‘Behind this staggering number are names and faces: the smile now only a memory, the seat forever empty at the dinner table, the room that echoes with the silence of a loved one,’ Guterres said.

‘In the memory of those two million souls, the world must act with far greater solidarity,’ he added.

‘Since its discovery at the end of December 2019, COVID-19 has now spread to all corners of the world, with cases in 191 countries and regions. Deaths due to the disease reached the grim milestone of one million only in September.’

‘In addition, the socio-economic impact of the pandemic has been massive, with countless jobs and livelihoods lost globally, and millions pushed into poverty and hunger.’

According to the UN Chief, though safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out, disparity continue between nations.

‘Vaccines are reaching high income countries quickly, while the world’s poorest have none at all,’ he said, adding that ‘some countries are pursuing side deals, even procuring beyond need.’

‘While governments have a responsibility to protect their populations, ‘vaccinationalism’ is self-defeating and will delay a global recovery,’ he warned.

‘COVID-19 cannot be beaten one country at a time,’ he stressed. Mr. Guterres called on countries to commit now to sharing any excess doses of vaccines, to help urgently vaccinate health workers around the world and prevent health systems from collapsing.

He also reiterated the need to ensure full funding for the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT Accelerator) and its COVAX facility, to make vaccines available and affordable to all.

‘At the same time, people must remember and practice ‘simple and proven’ steps to keep each other safe: wearing masks, physically distancing, avoiding crowds, and hand hygiene.’

‘Our world can only get ahead of this virus one way – together. Global solidarity will save lives, protect people and help defeat this vicious virus.’

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