Church of Ascension, FESTAC, celebrates 2021 children’s harvest with funfair, musical concerts

Adeze Ojukwu

The Church of Ascension, Lagos West Diocese of the Anglican Communion, FESTAC, Lagos, on Sunday, celebrated this year’s Children’s harvest with  funfair, musical concerts and food fiesta.

The church, which  was beautifully decorated with balloons, fresh plantain trees and trimmings, to reflect the excitement and delight of the vicar, Rev Oluwatosin Owoeye, members and guests.

The children, youths and members of the church were all colourfully dressed, as they sang, danced and recited Bible verses, at the fun-filled event.

Rev Owoeye, Vicar, The Church of Ascension

 Mr. Sunny Anaughe, Chairman of the occasion and Executive Director OperationsHolab Maritime Services Limited, Lagos

Arch Christian Ojukwu, Layreader and Chairman of The Church of Ascension 2021 General Harvest

Delivering the sermon  on the theme tagged: ‘Rising Above Limitations,’ Rev Owoeye said God has given believers the grace and power to rise above every physical and spiritual barriers of life and its challenges.

 Mrs Victoria Udegbunam, Diocesan Layreader

The Vicar cited Luke 1:37 which says “For with God nothing will be impossible. Since there’s nothing impossible with God, he will break limitations in our lives.’

According to the charismatic preacher, limitations are broken when we have a relationship with God through the help of the Holy Spirit and with prayer.

‘Let us surrender our lives to God, through Jesus Christ and he will remove the limitations in our lives. Life is an examination; you have to write some exams which are in the form of challenges for you to get promoted to the next level. Limitations are not meant to consume but to make us better.’

‘Physical limitation can be a health issue or disability, according to Luke 8:43-48 and John 5:1-8, while spiritual ones are not readily seen. However they are of greater concern.’

However, ‘Christians have the ability  to overcome these limitations through bible-based strategies such as, faith, vision, salvation and righteousness,’ the vicar stated.

The annual celebration  also featured special thanksgiving offerings and donations.

Expressing delight at the spectacular displays, by the children and youths, Mr Sunny Anaughe, who was the Chairman of the occasion and president of  the Young Christian Fellowship(YCF) of Church of Pentecost, FESTAC, gave a handsome cash gift, on behalf of the fellowship.

Anaughe, the Executive Director Operations in Holab Maritime Services Ltd and a philanthropist also donated another hefty amount to the  church , on behalf of his family. He promised to support youth-friendly programmes of the parish.

Prince and Lolo Ifeanyi Okezi, also  contributed graciously,  on behalf of their children, Chimeremeze and Chinwengozi, who were, decorated as ‘the King and Queen of the Harvest.’

Also speaking, Chairman of the harvest, Arch Christian Ojukwu, hailed the members and invited guests for honouring God with their time, talents and treasures at the programme.

Ojukwu, a commissioned lay reader, in the diocese, said he was really delighted at the success of the Children’s harvest and prayed for God’s  innumerable blessings for all donors and participants.

His words: ‘Expect the reward of your services and charitable acts. Your labour of love will never be in vain.’

Ojukwu recalled the promises of God in 1 Samuel 2:20 which says, ‘those who honour me, I will honour.’

In her remarks, the Superintendent of the COA Sunday School, Evangelist Roberta Chukwuka, who spoke to said the theme of the occasion was quite  significant and divinely-chosen.

‘This annual children’s harvest is a joyous opportunity to thank God for our children and to rededicate them to God.’

‘Our children are gifts from God and we should continue to bring them before the Lord, as a mark of our gratitude to God, who gave them to us and the church to care for. Our duty is to train them in the way of the Lord, as God’s stewards and those who will give account for their lives now and in future.

According to Chukwuka, our children performed very well this year, as they recited bible scriptures, sang and acted drama scenes.

See the photos below:

Credit: Photos by Adeze Ojukwu

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