Broadcast journalist, Adetola Kayode speaks on Hubert Humphrey experience

Adeze Ojukwu

Adetola Kayode, a regular feature on Lagos Television(LTV), has a huge followership, due to her captivating and exquisite voice.

Her passion and advocacy to boost best practices in the Nigeria’s transportation system, has endeared her programmes to many subscribers.

Adetola is certainly is not one of those run-of-the-mill journalists, that sauntered into the industry for the fun of it. ‘I am here to make positive impact and touch lives,’ she said in an interactive session over her social enterprise.

She is committed to the ideals of the noble profession, in order to promote professionalism and excellence in news management and delivery.

Her work has paid off. Kayode’s outstanding profile and various international accomplishments are clear evidence of her expertise and experience as a super broadcaster.

For over 20 years, she has trained and worked in the broadcast industry both nationally and internationally as a news anchor, reporter, editor and presenter.

In 2016, Kayode won the United States(US)-sponsored Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship, established for global peace and cooperation.

The prestigious Fulbright scholarship, gave her the opportunity to study at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University, between 2016 and 2017.

‘Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program enhances leadership among international professionals who collaborate to address local and global challenges and foster change for our collective good.’

‘Through academic study and professional development with US counterparts, this growing global network shares best practices and builds expertise in fields of critical importance to advance societal and institutional capacity, promote human rights and freedoms, ensure sustainable environments, and develop thriving communities.’

Earlier, she studied Mass Communication at the Polytechnic Ibadan and has a Masters in Communications Studies from The Lagos State University, LASU.

She is also an alumnus of The Radio Netherlands Training Centre, RNTC, Netherlands.

Her goal is to acquire and deliver best practices in broadcast journalism, professional mentoring and be the voice of the voiceless.

‘The business of television broadcasting is not just a profession. It is a calling,’ she said. She is also the brain behind Newstrail, an online news channel.

‘Newstrail, a news channel was borne out of the need to fill the short attention span of people of all classes, age and race by keeping them informed of happenings around them both locally and internationally in less than five minutes.’

It is interesting to note that she also has interests in promoting safe driving through her medium.

Hear her: ‘Averagely, the high mortality and morbidity rates, occasioned by auto accidents, across the country, are attributed to the lack of use of seatbelts, especially at the backseat.’

Therefore, I started the advocacy of using the backseat belt, as practised in the US, Europe and other advanced countries, to reduce avoidable crashes and death toll on our roads.

‘Our roads do not have to be death traps. Therefore I am committed to promoting information on the benefits of sensible driving and adherence to traffic rules to motorists and all road users. However this calls for more concerted efforts, sensitization efforts and synergies among all stakeholders, regulatory agencies and the public.’

‘Over the years, I have put together a number of television reports, documentaries and jingles to propagate messages on traffic sanity and related issues.’

Indeed Adetola Kayode is a quintessential media personality, who has distinguished herself in academia, advocacy and digital communications.

Ojukwu, a multiple award-winning journalist and Fellow of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship, published this exclusive interview, as part of her ongoing self-funded projects to promote academic scholarship, educational reforms and professional best practices in Nigeria.

These international ideals, are crucial for the successful implementation of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) in Nigeria and other vulnerable countries.

Ojukwu welcomes strategic partnerships and recommendations for the successful execution of these laudable transformational media initiatives.
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