Book review: The Problem of the African Race by Pastor Chukwu Chinedu

Adeze Ojukwu

The plight of Africa and its pauperized people is heart-breaking. Poverty has remained a recurring decimal for much of its huge population.

With very dismal demographic figures, the region continues to struggle with preventable diseases, high mortalities and morbidities, as well as corruption, bad governance, unemployment, conflict and low life expectancy.

Despite its huge mineral and human resources, many Africans subsist on less than one dollar a day.

Sadly Nigeria is the epicenter of poverty and deprivation, having overtaken India in the global poverty scale.

These challenges are the focus of an unpublished book entitled The problem of the African Race by Pastor Chukwu Chinedu a minister in Foursquare Church, Lagos.

He spoke heartedly about the spiritual roots of the daunting problems affecting Africans. Excerpts below:

I decided to write a book to address some of the spiritual problems associated with the African race, out of a great burden for the transformation of lives in this continent.

Notable financial and political experts have tried to proffer solutions, but the region remains horribly deprived and underdeveloped.

Indisputably, there are spiritual dimensions to life hence the need to explore for divine solutions to these persistent woes.

It is sad to see millions of individuals struggling, without any form of hope, succor or help.

Clearly this book will open your eyes to a lot of mysteries, behind the struggles in Africa and the reason for the intractable hardship confronting many citizens.

This book will provide vital keys to readers searching for solutions about spiritual problems.

They will know how to break out of the bondage and be set free in Christ by standing on the word of God.

It contains a lot of biblical revelations and secrets about Africa and its beleaguered people.

Indeed, this book offers a lot of information about the spiritual problems of the Africans, how it all started and what they can do to solve it.
My target readership includes youths and adults that believe they can still make it in life irrespective of what has happened before.

While writing this book, I have received tremendous insight about several factors for the dismal condition of our people.

It is pathetic, but thankfully the death and resurrection of Christ offer hope of deliverance for those who will believe in the efficacy of that sacrifice.

Despite the severity of the issues being addressed in this book, I am using a simple style, in order to make it easy for readers to understand.

I am a pastor and a member of Foursquare National Evangelist in Lagos State.

By God’s grace, I am also the founder of City of Power and Glory Intercessory Ministries(CPGI), based in Okokomaiko area of Lagos.

I have written over 70 books on various Christian topics and life issues.

Some of my books include: The hidden secret of the earth, Mystery and the power of trees, Mystery of the Gates and Attacking the midnight powers.

Others are Power of the elemental forces, Spiritual Battleground and Spiritual commando series—1 to 4.

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