Anguish over another building collapse in Lagos

Adeze Ojukwu

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has set up a high-powered commission of inquiry to investigate the remote and immediate causes of the Gerrard Road building crash.

The committee comprises Toyin Ayinde, Chairman, Dr Akintilo IdrIs Adeleke, Arc Yinka Ogundairo, Godfrey O Godfrey and Mrs Bunmi Ibrahim. Ekundayo Onajobi Esq will serve as the secretary.

Many have hailed the move, but others believe the action is belated. ‘Will this committee bring back the dead,’ the bereaved families ask desperately.

The Ikoyi building collapse is one too many. It is a nightmare, that has left residents traumatized and petrified.

It is a harrowing experience, that evokes   deep anguish and deluge of tears.

However, most industry watchers and experts are the least surprised. The rot in the system is indescribable. Quackery and violations of basic building laws, are the order of the day.

The entire construction sector is steeped in corruption, ineptitude, irregularities and sharp practices.

Hence the increasing cases of defective buildings and constructions, will not be end unless government sanitizes the entire housing system.

The recent incident has brought untold anguish and sorrow to the city and its teeming populace.

The case of a 26-year-old beautiful lady, identified as Onyinye Enekwe, is really pathetic.

The body of the lady was reportedly, among those that were recovered from the rubble of the 21-storey building, which collapsed last Monday in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Her corpse was discovered on November 3, by rescue workers.

Two bodies were pulled out from the debris of the high-rise building on Wednesday.

Death toll rose to 36, even as nine persons have been rescued as at Thursday, according to official reports.

Despite frantic efforts by the search operatives,  hope of finding missing workers have dimmed, even as people express anger and frustration over the operations.

The 21-storey building was under construction, when it caved in, on Monday, in the high-brow Ikoyi area of the state.

‘Rescuers have brought to safety nine people who survived, the emergency services said, but construction workers feared dozens of their colleagues were trapped inside.’

Enekwe was not among the lucky survivors. She did not make it.
Her loss is particularly painful, because, she was billed to marry next month, before death, snatched her away.

Tears have continued to flow over her demise, as family and friends have been thrown into mourning and grief.

According to reports, Onyinye, was newly employed, as a private assistant, few days before the unfortunate incident occurred.

May the gentle soul of this beautiful damsel rest in peace, as we pray for the family to receive great comfort over this irreparable loss.

Many residents and indeed citizens are yet to come to terms with this calamity.
The huge toll from this mishap is shocking.
Over 19 dead bodies have, so far been identified, while survivors are undergoing treatment in various hospitals.

Building collapse has become a recurring decimal in Lagos and other parts of the country.

This is largely due to poor construction standards by builders and failure of the authorities to enforce laws, leading to needless loss of lives and properties.
Regulatory agencies must rise up to their responsibilities, in ensuring that best practices are maintained in the building industry.

The consequences of irregularities in this sector are too humongous to ignore.
The value for human life must be enthroned, as basic to every facet of society and leadership.

The current administration must sanitize the construction sector, in order to restore public confidence in the housing industry.

Doing so will curb the incidences of building collapse and bloody consequences.

It is embarrassing that Lagos, which is being projected as a mega-city has become an epicenter of building mishaps in the country and continent.

This should end and urgently too.

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