An Ode to Nigeria by Godswill Akpan

Godswill Akpan

Edited by Adeze Ojukwu

I know if you had a chance to be relocated, you’d gladly jump at it.

What have you not seen? What have you not heard said of you?

Shame, Reproach, Indignation, Disgrace Abuse, Scorn, Derision, Mockery, Disdain Insults, Snubs.

All have been hurled at you even by infants young enough to call you great grand.
You have been raided raped robbed and rent from within by those meant to tend and groom you: damagers who come disguised as managers.

You are termed poor, yet you’ve lent to nations and made many stunningly affluent.

You’ve been defiled defrauded disrobed dethroned defamed dehumanized.
Your life is hanging precariously, you are gasping, each breath likely your last as you are threatened with dismemberment..

Your name sounds like leprosy, your legal tender like mere paper tendered illegally at every street corner, like immoral humans.
Those you helped have become centres of attraction, larger than life.

I know you are wondering how those who bear your name are crowned overseas yet aground within your borders.
Yes, you know you also have clowns as reps abroad.

There’s the teeming crowd of beclouded, sweat-laden, home-grown foreheads who’d rather drench than drown regardless.
They excel just to cast off negative tags and garments your skewed environment has bestowed.

These are they that represent the real you:
Resilient, Rugged, Rough, Dogged.
They see the hidden treasures in you and would rather till than kill you.

Nigeria: Don’t despair. Hang in there.

Yet a little while, they that seek your life for destruction shall be no more ritualists who have kidnapped you ready to disembowel you.
They will not partake in your glory when you rise from your ruins and put on strength,
When you are sutured, recovered and restored.
Your mockers will get the shockers of their lives when you bestride the globe as the giant you are. The world will appreciate the essence of your colours.

Righteousness, peace justice, equity, prosperity shall be your selling points.
You’ll not be known for terror and bloodbath.
I have hope for you. GOD won’t let you die!
You are too young to die. Too endowed to waste.

You’ll live to see the stars you birthed strewn across the skyline.
Happy 61st Independence Anniversary
I believe God for you.

© GodswillOEAkpan 011021

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