A discourse with Pastor Chinedu Chukwu, a multiple author

Adeze Ojukwu

Sir, Please tell us a bit of your background, as a pastor and author.

I am Pastor Chukwu Chinedu, a minister with Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria and a member of Foursquare National Evangelist (FONE). I am also the founder of City of Power and Glory Intercessory Ministries (CPGIM), at Okokomaiko, Lagos State in Nigeria.

I am an author and writer of Christian books. The books are centered on spiritual warfare books, prayer and deliverance books, and teaching on hidden mysteries and satanic activities in the spiritual realm. I have been writing books, since 2013.

By God’s grace, I have written five books, that have been published here in Nigeria. They are listed below: Mysteries of the Gates, Mysteries of the powers of Trees, The hidden secret of the earth, Power of the elemental forces and Attacking the midnight powers.

I have some of my self-published books on Amazon Kindle. My previous editors and publishers have done some work.

Currently I am working with a new team ably led by an award-winning journalist and book editor, Mrs Adeze Ojukwu, for a more professional and international standard.

I can attest that my books, are getting good professional editing and media promotions in Nigerian newspapers and social media, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

This is indeed a major breakthrough and I really give all the glory to God.

I am very grateful to God for the opportunity and privilege to get wide media publicity, under the media network of Mrs  Ojukwu. She regularly reviews and promotes my books, on various media channels, including her web magazine called

The inspiration to write really comes from God and life experiences. It is God that will open your eyes to the anguish and sorrow of people around you. Without a burden from God, you may not really know how to respond or bring help to such distressed persons.

For me one way of helping people is by writing books, preaching and counselling. However the beauty of the books, is that people across the world can access them easily.

Electronic publishing has even made it possible for more people to readily find books that are relevant to their needs.

I write when I am free from ministerial engagements. I preach most times. I am working on six books currently. Two are under review and editing. My audience is majorly Christians, and many that want to be delivered from satanic attack.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Sometimes it can take about six weeks, to write a story, when am free, or three months when am busy evangelizing. My family and friends are amazed by my writings and books. This is quite encouraging. The recent reviews on and and Champion Newspapers are also awesome.

What makes a great story?

A good story must evoke empathy among the readership. You must tell your story in a way that resonates with the reader, in terms of emotions and expectations.
Life experiences and things that happened to people in my environment inspire me to write.

In the main, life experiences also help me to create a good story. I focus mainly on writing about authentic ways to proffer solutions to problems that affect the peace and progress of people in society.

Interview by Adeze Ojukwu, Fellow of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship, journalist and publisher of

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