2021 World Hypertension Day: Obesity, excessive salt remain risk factors

Today is World Hypertension Day(WHD), an annual campaign to improve cardiovascular health.

The global health treatise is observed on 17 May every year, to increase awareness about hypertension and its consequences on patients and communities.

The day aims to raise awareness about the prevention methods of the disease.

The theme for this edition is ‘Measure your blood pressure accurately, Control it, Live longer.’

According to the World Health Organization(WHO) Cardio vascular diseases(CVD) and other chronic conditions are rapidly increasing in Africa.

‘Poverty plays a major role in the impact of these diseases on communities,’ it revealed.

According to experts, poor control of hypertension, can lead to more serious problems like heart diseases, stroke, kidney diseases, and even dementia.
It is advisable to exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet, reduce excessive intake of salt and check blood pressure.

Today on this WHD give yourself an exceptional blessing.

Stop for a minute and approach what you can accomplish for yourself to make wellbeing and health a reality for you.

Think about what you eat and drink and exercise. Consider how you get medicines and how you take them.

Also consider what you can do to keep yourself and your family protected, solid and well.

Decrease utilization of salt and join the global health community in raising awareness about mitigating hypertension across society.

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